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Your own job site generates a maximum return by interacting with all possible media: Wherever your vacancy is published, be it in a professional magazine, job magazine, via Google, Facebook or LinkedIn, or be it on a job site, candidates always come on your own jobsite via an embedded link. And it also works the other way around, your own job site scores high in the search engines and once on your job site the step to share via Facebook or other channels is quickly made. Through this form of advertising, your vacancy is maximally found, shared and distributed. Your own brand will come out optimally and your vacancy will start to live. Concrete figures show that companies that publish their vacancies in this way receive up to 30% more direct and up to 75% more indirect applications.

What is

YourCompany.jobsite.HR is a personalized jobsite, completely in the style of your company. Here we centralize and manage the vacancies that we publish on multiple job sites, via print media and on partner sites.
It is a central platform to which we lead every potential candidate, through whatever channel. Every job advertisement placed ensures interaction with your job site.
CompanyName.jobsite.HR does more than offer jobs, the site also gives the candidate a look inside your organization. It is a platform where you inform applicants about your company and make them feel welcome before they even respond. There is space available to introduce your company, let your employees speak and show photos or a company film.
Your own job site increases the chance of a successful campaign and the rapid filling of your vacancies. Companies with a personalized job site even receive up to 50% more direct applications and up to 20% more spontaneous.

How does
YourCompany.jobsite.HR work?

The construction of creates maximum interaction and exchange of information with your own website, ATS, candidate CRM, job sites, search engines, social media and job aggregators.
Your site is promoted through all available channels to directly attract as many candidates as possible. The job site is fully personalized with your company name, colors, logo, company information, testimonials, etc. This service is included in both a Jobsite Advertising and a Social Recruiting & Profile Targeting campaign. If you already have your own job site, we will have all jobs referred to it and we will support you to further optimize your existing job site.

The candidate can quickly complete the application form, because it only requires necessary information. In consultation with your Qiwie Advisor it is of course possible to add extra criteria and to change or adapt certain fields.

Our benchmark is done through our own developed analytical system, unique in the BENELUX. In our measurements and collecting facts & figures, we go much further than any other player in recruitment communication. - - - - -

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