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Qiwie is an objective consultancy specialized in recruitment communication. Our young, dynamic team consists of HR consultants, recruitment consultants, social media consultants and copywriters. Together we have over 25 years of experience in recruitment communication. This experience guarantees a unique knowledge that we use in the search for your suitable employee. Reaching a candidate via Qiwie is cheaper and faster than through an interim or recruitment and selection agency or if you would take care of everything yourself.

What does Qiwie do?

Qiwie guides you through the web of job sites, social media, job magazines, regional newspapers, newspapers, trade magazines, magazines and all other possible online and offline media. More and more people are looking for a new job via the internet, online recruitment is becoming more important and it is necessary to make your vacancy visible through the right channels. The way in which candidates search for opportunities through newspapers and magazines has also changed, and Qiwie is responding to this as well. We create an effective campaign that brings your job ads and your employer brand to the appropriate candidates through the right channels. Qiwie also takes a lot of work off your hands, from drawing up, formatting and posting your vacancy to even filtering the incoming CVs.

All this with one goal in mind: to make your recruitment campaign a success.

What Qiwie offers?

Jobsite Advertising
Social Media Advertising
Video Job Advertising
Profile Targeting
Build your own job site
Banner Advertising
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
E-mail Campaigns
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Job Marketing
Search Engine Advertising (SEA)
Media Buy-In
Media Planning
CV Filtering
Candidate Assessment
Candidate Selection
Employer Branding
HR Communications
Google Advertising
Recruitment Communications
Recruitment communication

Why work with Qiwie?

The process is very easy. You tell us who you are looking for and we publish your vacancy at the core of your target group.
We are heading straight for your goal. Through market research we know on which different media we can reach the right candidates.
We work together with all possible partners who deal with online and offline recruitment.

Qiwie is an objective consultancy specialized in recruitment communication

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