At Qiwie we like sharing our knowledge with you. We do this in the form of training and courses. Do you personally have the capacity but not the knowledge? Then you have come to the right place at Qiwie. Our experts teach your employees the secrets of the online and offline recruitment and supervise them when they take their first steps. How do I write an attractive vacancy? How do I define my target group? What are the features of a good recruitment strategy? How do I work on my employer brand? All questions that Qiwie gives you an answer to via its training and courses.
How does Q-CONSULTING work?
We fully gear the Q-CONSULTING to your needs. A senior Qiwie Adviser with a background in Human Resources, Recruitment & Selection, Marketing and Social Media visits you and analyses your current recruitment strategy on the basis of a thorough analysis after which he / she evaluates this with you. That way we know where Qiwie can adjust direction and what specific practical experience can help you on your way.
The Q-CONSULTING makes sure that you can maximise the use and the added value of our Q services, we teach you what options there are and how you can deploy these as optimally as possible. Qiwie always works on the basis of a best practice, 1-on-1 training, 100% focused on the practice. The result of this training is that you have a much broader vision on recruitment communication, that you understand what the options are and how you can use these specifically and easily. Most important of a good recruitment strategy is to bundle all communication channels into a strong and powerful whole so that they are mutually reinforcing.

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