What is Q-PLUS?

Q-PLUS is a composition of services and solutions that supports you in addition to a standard campaign in your search for the suitable candidate.

These services have specifically been developed for vacancies that are difficult to fill or that require a highly specific follow-up.

In these instances it is required to take a standard campaign a step further. By offering these services we make it easy for you and we succeed in promoting even the most demanding vacancy successfully. The Q-PLUS services are always offered in addition to our Qiwie campaigns.

How does Q-PLUS work?

If you opt for Q-MAIL then you opt for a proactive way to reach candidates: We organise a specific emailing to an extensive candidate database. We prepare this customised email together with you on the basis of various criteria in order to avoid emails to irrelevant candidates. Our survey demonstrates that these emails are forwarded to friends and relations as a result of which your audience is enhanced. A Q-MAIL is always prepared in your company style and according to your employer brand as this increases its impact. The Q-MAIL is completely measurable, we know how many candidates receive the email and how many effectively read it.
This service comprises the publication of an advertising banner of your company on job related jobsites or via social media. It is an ideal way to not only emphasise your vacancy but also to give your employer brand a boost. A Q-BANNER stands out as all sorts of creative and dynamic effects are possible. We post your banner on a jobsite, a search engine or any other website, all in consultation with you.
Via this unique service Qiwie creates a customised professional jobsite for you: Hundreds of companies have already been using our platform to post their jobs and you can also opt for this formula. The personalised website creates a low application threshold as a result of which the number of reactions increases. The entire process of publication and reaction has fully been optimised and centralised. The investment in a Q-JOBSITE depends on the number of jobs that you would wish to post, however it is well worth the investment.
Your campaign has been concluded successfully, the next step is now to receive, read and sort all resumes on the basis of the right criteria. But this entire process takes a tremendous amount of time, valuable time that you better dedicate to your core business. That is why you can leave this to Qiwie: We analyse the resume of each and every candidate in detail and create an overview on the basis of the criteria communicated by you. It goes without saying that the candidates that are not selected by us are informed accordingly in the style that is fully in line with your company.
Do you want to submit the candidates to various tests to ensure that they meet the expectations? Qiwie organises this for you with this Q-ASSESSMENT. We carry out this service on technical knowledge as well as on personality.
Qiwie also takes care of the last step in the entire recruitment process for you, the selection. With the Q-SELECTION service we make sure that all relevant candidates are contacted and selected in your name. We organise and centralise the entire process, we only leave the signature on the agreement to you.
Qiwie offers you these services from € 495. Ask your Qiwie Adviser for more advice.

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